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If we were able to answer all the questions regarding you model you intend to buy, please proceed with your order as easily described as follows: Open the Excel document of the model typ you want to order, and fill out only the boxes indicated in light-blue. In each document, there are two working sheets you can select. In one sheet, you can select the optional available construction services and in the other sheet you choose the kit and the required accessories.

Please mark all items you want to order with “X” in the respective light-blue box. Please do not forget to enter in both sheets your full address.
If you have completed everything so far, please send us the Excel file by e-mail to: by choosing the “send” e-mail buttom in your Excel program. After receiving your e-mail, we will place your order to the production sequence.
Please let us know in your e-mail, if you want to pick up the model or wether we should send it to you.
The electronical components are documented by the registration number WEEE-Reg.-Nr. DE 34157317 of the foundation of waste electrical equipment register ( EAR ).

Building service

On request, we can offer you a professional construction service. The model will be build very specifically to your needs up to th level you request even to the “Ready to Fly” level. Just ask.

Order processing

Once the order is placed we will send you an invoice to pay 50% deposit. The remaining 50% you will pay at delivery.


Of course we can ship all our kits world wide. The costs for shipping and package can be exihibit seperately. The shipping takes place exclusive with the wing bags, which are to order.