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Pilot: Victor Calvo - Spanien / Spain Here you will find everything what is available in our program. If you have any questions regarding our products please feel free to contact us by e-mail or by phone. We recommend the the well known IQ-Hammer- Turbine available in appropriate sizes with a optimum weigth to thrust ratio and a 100% reliable kerosene starter. This is the maximum comfort you can

Our models are best powered with special jet-engines. With that engines the models have more than enogh power to be flown scale and have even enough power to fly sport programms as set from DMFV or DAEC. Our models are no highspeed-jets and not concepted for vertical full-throttle-dives. For this reason, our maximum recommendation for jet-engines are as follows: Viper 2,0m and Futura 1,9m max. 12kg amount of thrust. Quantum with max. 16kg thrust. And the Albatros, Hawk, Hawk 100, F-5, Viper XXL, Futura 2,5m and F-16 max. 18kg thrust.

It is important to ensure that the take-off weight does not exceed the following limits of models: Viper 2.0 m and 1.9 Futura with max. 14 kg, with Quantum
max. 18 kg and the models Albatros, Hawk, Hawk 100, F-5, Viper XXL, Futura 2.5 and F-16 with max. 25kg.