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img_0675 The Hawk was developed in England by British Aerospace in the 70s as a successor of the hunter. It was used as trainer jet as well as in the armed version. The hawk was well known throughout the world by their spectacular displays of the British aerobatics team “Red Arrows”.


  • Scale: 1:3,5
  • Wingspan: 2,70m
  • Length: 3,49
  • Weight: Competitionversion lesser than 20kg!
  • Turbine: starting at 16kg thrust

The kit

The full GRP kit, which is manufactured in modern GRP /CFRP sandwich-vacuum technology, we can offer you with a complete set of accessories from scale landing gear, scale cockpit, tailpipe up to GRP tank, everything in field proven quality. Furthermore we can offer you all the accessories and scale parts to the kit. Even in a completely ready to fly version you can get your model from us.

With the prototype we won the German championship in construction assessment for scale jet models. In the air the Hawk enthused by its breathtaking appearance every time.

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