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Tomahawk Design presents the new models for 2013

img_2754 The North American F-86 was the only fighter in the western world, who could match in the Korean War with the Soviet MiG-15 – the performances were a little worse, but the flight characteristics were better.


  • Scale: 1:3,7
  • Wingspan: 3,1 Meter
  • Lenght: 3,00 Meter
  • Weight: 20,5 kg
  • Engine: Turbine starting at 18kg thrust


Full composite kit, which is manufactured in most modern glas- and carbonfiber (herex) vacuum sandwich technology.
High quality accessory like landing gear (also electrical), exhaust pipe, fuel tank are available
All scale accessory available
The F 86 in scale1: 3.7 is an impressive large model with outstanding flight characteristics.
During the construction of the model, a special emphasis was placed on ‘scales’ appearance.
Therefore, the master pattern of the F86 was planked with sheet metal and rivets are applied in accordance with the original.

Video of maiden flight

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