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Quantum – new generation of acrobatic sportjet

quantum_0 All new and fresh just completed the first flight, we can present to you our new acrobatic sportjet QUANTUM for Jetpower 2011. As you can see visually, we are all broke new ground and we are sure that this model as a double-decker has a very high potential in terms of the aerobatics.
After the Mass, the model will get a fine-tuning is subjected, as far as the center of gravity, thrust axis, EWD and aspiration position and will be tested by several top pilotd. After completing this work will be started directly with the production and we can then offer a kit with all accessories and will include many innovations in detail.

The mold construction was conducted primarily by Harry Behringer and was ultimately essential that we can present this model in 2011 as an innovation.


  • wingspan: 2,0
  • length: 2,38
  • weight: 12,5kg

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